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New publication:

Gunther Tress, Bärbel Tress,
Bert Harms, Peter Smeets & Arnold van der Valk (Editors)

Planning Metropolitan Landscapes - Concepts, Demands, Approaches.

Delta series 4, Wageningen
288 p.
ISBN 90-807637-3-X
February 2004
EUR 20,- / USD 20,- (+ shipping)

Copies can be ordered by the secretary of the Delta program, Annelies Bruinsma.

Landscape researchers, planners and decision-makers are confronted with increasing social and ecological problems deriving from highly urbanized areas and their surrounding countryside. Conflicting land-use interests, such as housing, transportation, business, recreation and nature conservation, put pressure on the spatial development of these areas, which can be seen as “metropolitan landscapes”. This book discusses the concept of the metropolitan landscape. Aspects of planning metropolitan landscapes and related questions are debated from both a research and planning perspective. Concepts as well as demands and problems of metropolitan landscapes are summarized and approaches to plan and manage metropolitan landscapes are presented.

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Introduction to Planning Metropolitan Landscapes
Gunther Tress and Bärbel Tress

I. Concepts of metropolitan landscapes

Uncertainty in planning metropolitan landscapes
Marc Antrop

Metropolitan matterscape, powerscape and mindscape
Maarten Jacobs

Leadership literacy: Public interest in land-use governance
David S. Fushtey and Moura Quayle

II. Demands and problems of metropolitan landscapes

Between two cities: The ecological footprint of Vancouver and Seattle in Northwest Washington
Paul Sommers

The inverted compact city of Delhi
Ashok Kumar

Metropolitan delta landscapes
Peter J.A.M. Smeets, W. Bert Harms, Madeleine J.M. van Mansfeld, Arjen W.C. van Susteren and Marco G.N. van Steekelenburg

Impact of land use change in Bangkok Metropolitan and Suburban Area
Nitayaporn Tonmanee and Parida Kuneepong

III. Approaches to plan and manage metropolitan landscapes

Overconsultation breeds contempt: Lessons in participatory watershed planning from the Lake Pontchartrain Basin of Louisiana, USA
Kate Sherren

Modelling approaches for metropolitan landscapes
Paul Schot, Aat Barendregt and Martin J. Wassen

Planning nature conservation in Dutch metropolitan landscapes
Roul Beunen, Ronald van Ark, Arnold van der Valk and Rinus Jaarsma

New planning concepts and regional cooperation: Responding to the challenges of new urban landscapes
Andrea Hartz and Rainer Kestermann

Spatially explicit risk analysis: A new solution to contamination problems in the metropolitan delta
Nico van den Brink and Hans Baveco

Cost-benefit analysis in interactive planning processes
Mireille Woud, Stijn Reinhard and Aris Gaaff

Hydropolitan: An interactive tool for hydrology management in metropolitan deltas
Janneke Roos-Klein Lankhorst, Jan van Bakel and Arend Ligtenberg

Sustainable land use planning and valorisation of the natural and cultural resources in the metropolitan area of Milan, Italy
Giulio Senes and Alessandro Toccolini

IV. Epilogue

Metropolitan landscapes – contours of an emerging concept
Gunther Tress and Bärbel Tress

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